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It’s Not All About You…

When writing copy for your website, it’s NOT all about you.

Karon Thackston is one of my favorite experts in the web copywriting  field and her article “Writing TO Your Customers—Not AT Them” was featured on Jill Whalen’s High Rankings newsletter recently.  Karon offers a few examples of copy that is business-focused and then shows how the copy can be modified to be customer-focused.  The customer-focused copy is engaging to read and makes me feel (as a potential customer) like the company understands what I want and can help me achieve it.  That instills confidence in me right off the bat when I feel like the business on the other side of the website is anticipating my needs and is offering solutions.

Some of the most memorable websites I’ve visited have been the ones that “grabbed” me right away with their direct and well-written copy – (not their stunning graphics or design).

After you read Karon’s article and check out her examples, you’ll want to evaluate your website copy with the “We We Calculator” to see how your website copy measures up.  It just might be time to re-evaluate your website copy and make some improvements that will help you make a connection with potential customers who are visitng your website, which if done right can lead to increased conversion rates and more online sales.

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