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“Michelle is a joy to work with. She’s most creative, talented and very prompt with her responses and her recommendations have been fabulous.”


“Michelle is way ahead of me on what my business needs are and her quality control is unsurpassed. Everything Michelle does is of the highest caliber and she inspires me to go in directions I never thought I was capable of. ”


“I love my site, blog and the ability to promote on social media. If I had to figure this out on my own, it never would have happened. I would recommend you to everyone. ”



Where do we work from?

Hawai’i & Italy

We don’t let physical distance get in the way of providing beautiful, professional websites and excellent customer service. Instead, we let our environments inspire our creativity. If you prefer to have a US contact, we’ve got you covered.  Michelle Harrington, will reach out to you directly from her home office in Kauai, Hawaii. As for Dara, she brings her work with her wherever she travels, but on most days, she’ll be working with espresso in hand from Florence, Italy.